About Judith

Judith has followed her passion for working with clay for over 25 years. She originally trained as a teacher and then as a potter on the Harrow Studio Pottery course in 1983.

Since then she has worked as a pottery technician and manager and has been running her own business since 1995.

During this time she has applied her skills in many directions. She has worked teaching pottery in a Young Offenders Institution; she has helped groups of pupils to create both indoor and outdoor installations, (including decorative fountains, a phoenix mosaic and life size figures dancing across walls); she has made domestic and decorative pottery that has been sold through various galleries. She is also a trained mediator and has worked with neighbour disputes and has assisted in training new mediators. Her largest ceramic piece was helping to build an adobe (mixed clay and soil) house in the desert.

Judith has always looked for development and change in her work. Her current pots show her enjoyment for the interplay of strong clear lines and edges and she is experimenting with this interaction to create pots that 'own' their space.

Judith Hobbs | Studio Potter